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The leader part of the company has been bound together with management core of “Azov Safety Training center“ during long years of friendship. The “Azov Safety Training center“ is situated in Mariupol and led by Cpt. Boris Prokhorenko. This Training center is a member of International Assosiation for Safety & Survival Training and an associated member of BIMCO. It was organized in 1984 as the training vessel “SMELA”. The vessel is berthed in Azov Merchant Port and is dully equipped for seamen’s training in a proper way. The staff of the center has passed the special courses at London and has a high qualification level.
The training program covers all aspects of training according to STCW requirements: Survival techniquiues, firefighting, medical first aid, medical care, survival craft, dangerous and hazardous cargoes, special training for personnel on certain types of ships, etc. All navigators pass ARPA, RADAR and GMDSS simulators in the shore training center.

The presence of the marine “Azov Safety Training center“ & Azov maritime academy in the city as well as the solid dislocation of other alternative maritime training centers and educational establishments let seamen to gain the highest level of marine education.The other alternative maritime training centers and educational establishments are:Rostov on Don Marine College
Odessa State Maritime Academy
Odessa Marine Training Center
Izmail Maritime Training Centre
Kherson Seaferars Training Center
Kherson nautical collegeThe training department of Azov Ship Repair yard supplies the marine industry with high qualificating specialists in the sphere of exploitation and repairing of dock, port and vessels equipment. The fitters, sandblasters, welders, turners, oilers, engineers, engine fitters, electricians, crane operators from Azov Ship Repair Yard are continuously highly requested by our principals for vessel’s repairing and performing of Dock operations.The fact that Ukraine has been accepted to the White List is a result of the Training Centers long termed and hard activities all as well as their rush development. It is well known that all efforts of our state leading to improve the marine education of Ukrainian seamen have been appropriated in a proper way and nowadays Ukraine can meet all the demands of IMO.We are using all the possible ways for upgrading of qualification of our seamen. All seamen from our pool are able to get the exclusive practice using computer emulation programs of different marine training centers in our office. The test programs to evaluate the qualification level are also available for our seamen usage in our office building.